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This status page automatically monitors our systems and alerts if something is not working as expected. All systems are healthy at the moment. If you encounter an issue, please contact our support.

Last Updated 2022-07-05 00:39:27 UTC


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VPN Servers

Australia, Sydney 4% load
Canada, Montreal 1% load
Finland, Helsinki 4% load
France, Paris 3% load
Japan, Tokyo 5% load
Latvia, Riga 18% load
Luxembourg, Roost 5% load
Netherlands, Amsterdam 6% load
Poland, Warsaw 7% load
Romania, Bucharest 0% load
Singapore 0% load
UK, London 2% load
USA, Las Vegas 0% load
USA, New York 3% load

Proxy Servers

Canada, Montreal 0% load
Finland, Helsinki 4% load
Romania, Bucharest 0% load
South Korea (for China) 1% load

Past Incidents


Network issues in Finland

2022-06-27 06:14:39 UTC - for 4 hours, 22 minutes

Servers in Finland are still down. Our supplier is having network issues at this moment.

  • On VPN regions: <Finland, Helsinki>
  • 10:37:04 - The issue is now resolved. One of the servers is still down, but you will be connected automatically to another one.


VPN servers in Finland, Helsinki are down

2022-06-26 22:56:22 UTC - for 4 hours, 33 minutes

  • On VPN regions: <Finland, Helsinki>


Proxy servers in South Korea (for China) are down

2022-06-05 20:02:12 UTC - for 10 hours, 8 minutes

  • On VPN regions: <South Korea (for China)>